The Storytelling Tool

The Storytelling Tool is a platform which provides a user – typically a journalist – with several new and innovative techniques for researching a topic and easily publishing a multimedia based story.

It targets professional users within the news editing community to gather building blocks to compile a story and aims at improving productivity of European audiovisual content management companies and broadcaster.

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The Storytelling Tool – Search & Compose

Second screen application

The second screen provides related content and pub-quiz questions related to a video that you are watching.

Select a video on one device (such as your laptop) and open the second screen on another device (such as a tablet or smartphone).

You can use any random login name, but you need to use the same one for the video and the second screen.

Show me the video (Link opens in a new window)
Show me the second screen  (or use the QR code below the video)

The second screen application

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