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R&D Gossip No.27

01. Simple and beautiful: The Guardian visualizes the most searched for characters in Game of Thrones. Have a look! Read more 02. One of the [...]

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Call for Papers MMDA

First International Workshop on Multimodal Media Data Analytics (MMDA 2016) The rapid advancements of digital technologies, as well as [...]

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Press Release EUMSSI

Project Partner VSN has published a press release on EUMSSI’s successful second review that took place on 22 January 2016 at the premises of the ...

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R&D Gossip No.26

01. The machine takes over! In 2016 you will read much more machine-written content. Ten Trends. Read more 02. Easy Storytelling. [...]

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R&D Gossip No.25

01. Discover the biggest events happened in or during your life with the BBC’s Your Story. Read more 02. Want to get your tweets checked ...

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R&D Gossip No.24

01. Glance over last 6 months in data visualisation. Read more 02. Man vs Machine: Who’s gonna win? Read more 03. Four Years of Schema.org. ...

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