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R&D Gossip No.25

01. Discover the biggest events happened in or during your life with the BBC’s Your Story. Read more

02. Want to get your tweets checked with sentiment analysis? Insert your Twitter Account and try out Umigon. Read more

03. Breathtaking data visualisation based on Star Wars sentiment analysis by duelingdata. Read more

04. Lower the barriers! Here is a neat & new overview for an inclusive web experience. Read more

05. 2016 brings us the 5 Es in Journalism says Alfred Hermida. Including Experimental and Emotional Journalism. Read more

06. Watch out! Web analytics about to track your emotions soon. Read more

07. It’s about real-time. Demand for live-streams grows strongly not only among Associated Press viewers. Read more

08. Must read. The 2016 predictions from digital strategist Nic Newman (PDF). Read more


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