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R&D Gossip No. 15

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01. An awesome list of (large-scale) public datasets on the Internet. Read more

02. Cytoscape.js is an open-source graph theory (a.k.a. network) library written in JavaScript. You can use Cytoscape.js for graph analysis and visualisation. Read more

03. Researchers Announce Advance in Image-Recognition Software. Read more

04. Understanding Within-Content Engagement through Pattern Analysis of Mouse Gestures. Read more

05. Content management systems can’t keep up with the latest technology and formats – can SuperDesk? Read more

06. A look at code being written by news organizations and individuals. Read more

07. A simple introduction to preparing and visualizing information. Read more

08. Visualising Statistics: The importance of seeing not just describing data. Read more

09. The people who write news and information no longer control the distribution of it. Technology companies do. Read more

10. WebCast: Data Analysis on Streams. Watch the video

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