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R&D Gossip No. 13

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01. Visualizing Dimensionally-Reduced Data: Interviews with Analysts and a Characterization of Task Sequences. Read more

02. When audio and web collide: Building a collaborative audio editor based on the web audio API. Watch the video

03. Journalists should provide context, and verify satellite images when using them for reporting. Read more

04. Data-Driven Sourcing: How Journalists Use Digital Search Tools to Decide What’s News. Read more

05. YouTube’s Data API v3 supports  latitude/longitude search now. Read more

06. Connect the dots between peopple, institutions and companies: Grano is an open source tool for journalists and researchers who want to track networks of political or economic interest. Read more

07. How the BBC helps publishers search their audio archives. Read more

08. Towards a Linked-Data based Visualization Wizard. Read more

09. For Big-Data Scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ Is Key Hurdle to Insights. Read more

10. A Resource Wish-List For Data-Driven Learning in French. Read more

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