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R&D Gossip No. 9

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01.  More than Liking and Bookmarking? Towards Understanding Twitter Favouriting Behaviour. Read more

02. Quantifying Information Overload in Social Media and its Impact on Social Contagions. Read more

03. Watching the audience move: A New York Times tool is helping direct traffic from story to story. Read more

04. Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2014: News organisations face 2nd wave of disruption – with potentially profound societal implications. Read more

05. Scoop: A Glimpse Into the NYTimes CMS. Read more

06. Even if you don’t realize it, unmoderated comments change the way you think about what you read. Read more

07. EUROPE MEDIA MONITOR (EMM): Monitoring thousands of news sources in over 70 languages. Read more

08. Kepler: Semantic network visualization of New York Times topics. Read more

09. Streamtools: A Graphical Tool for Working With Streams of Data. Read more

10. The Anatomy of a Robot Journalist. Read more

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