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R&D Gossip No. 7

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01. 17 projects receive funding through Knight Prototype Fund –  Minezy, MLRun and Project Fission are worth seeing. Read more

02. PDFMiner is a tool for extracting information from PDF documents. Read more

03. Kinetica is an app for exploring data on your iPad. Instead of forcing you to use a boring old spreadsheet, Kinetica lets you see, touch, sift, and play with your data in a physical environment. Read more

04. Searching for patterns: 7-minute posts capture the most total reading time on average – really? Read more

05. Facial recognition: is the technology taking away your identity? Read more

06. The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop – how to examine the vocabulary of Hip Hop artists. Read more

Hip Hop Vocabulary

07. Unrequired reading: Many of the thousands of reports mandated by Congress will only gather dust. A breakdown of the required reports by branch, topic and deadline. Read more

08. The Face Recognition Algorithm That Finally Outperforms Humans. Computer scientists have developed the first algorithm that recognises people’s faces better than you do. Read more

09. Refocusing the “story” away from individual articles to the overarching narrative. Read more

10. Lifecycle of a News Story. Read more


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