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R&D Gossip No. 6

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01. Tribune Digital Unit Launches Streaming-Audio News App. Articles are converted into audio, using synthetic text-to-speech voices. Read more

02. Rise of robot reporters: when software writes the news. Read more

03. Political Framing: A machine learning approach to studying rhetoric in the US congress. Read more

04. Rashomon Project aims to combat ambiguity in video. Read more

05. PourOver is a library for fast filtering and sorting of large collections—think 100,000s of items—in the browser. Read more

06. A system of traffic flow monitoring based on video processing. Read more

07. The BBC updated  its ontologies site. These ontologies form the basis of their Linked Data Platform. Read more

08. Upcoming Event: The Future of News Curation: BBC #newsHACK 1-2 May 2014 in Glasgow and Dublin. Read more

09. Call for papers: From Pixels to Semantics – Semantic Analysis meets Visual Analysis. Read more

10. Some people who scrape & publish data from the Internet go to jail. Others produce great journalism. Read more

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