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R&D Gossip No. 5

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01. Is Apache Spark a Crossover Hit for Data Scientists? Read more

02. The Rashomon Project: An Online Toolkit for Assembling Multi-Perspective Chronologies. Read more

03. “These little pieces of code are more powerful now than a lot of the most powerful editors in media”, says Eli Pariser. Read more

04. Upshot’s Mission: “Our biggest goal is to serve as navigators for the news by helping readers make connections among different stories and understand how those stories fit together”, says David Leonhardt. Read more

05. A new, open source project by the New York Times R&D Lab which provides a graphical tool for dealing with streams of data. Read more

06. How much are a dozen deep-learning researchers worth? Apparently, more than $400 million. Read more

07. The Emotient app uses facial expression recognition and promises to let you know how someone is feeling via the Google Glass camera by looking at specifics in others’ facial expressions and then using an algorithm to figure out moods. Read more

08. IBM: Natural language, machine learning can flag heart disease. How accurate are these algorithms when it comes to unstructured data extraction and understanding? Read more

09. Need an open source tag recommender framework with state-of-the-art algorithms? Read more

10. Waisda? is a video labelling game. Players watch short video fragments and add relevant tags to the video at specific moments in time. If a tag matches another player’s tag, both players are awarded points. Read more


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