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R&D Gossip No. 4

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01. Upcoming Livestream: Computational Storytelling and the Automated Production of News Stories from Data. Read more

02. Sentiment analysis is a far from perfect science but Facebook might understand your romantic prospects better than you do. Read more

03. Mobile and Sensible Moscow: The researcher visualized two types of information — semantic analysis of social network streams and cellphone network data to examine everyday concepts of urban mobility in Moscow. Read more


04. Grano: A web-based toolkit for the storage, analysis and presentation of social network information. Read more

05. The first official release of the Wolfram Language or knowledge-based programming is going to be much bigger than We imagined. Read more

06. #newsVANE at the BBC News Labs: How might we use combinations of our data sources to generate scalable relevance tools, so that we can promote the best connections across millions of content items & topics? Read more

07. Named Entity Recognition for digitised newspapers: The Europeana Newspapers NER workflow. Read more

08. This deep learning model predicts a sentiment of movie reviews by a new type of underlying technology called Recursive Neural Network which builds on top of grammatical structures as opposed to just isolated words. Read more

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