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R&D Gossip No. 2

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01. Speakerthon: How To Turn Voices from BBC Radio into Open Data for Wikipedia. Read more

02. The Microsoft Audio Video Indexing Service (MAVIS) uses state of the art speech recognition technology developed at Microsoft Research to enable searching of audio and video files with speech. Read more

03. The Battle for ‘Trayvon Martin’: Mapping a Media Controversy On- and Offline. Read more

04. “If someone said it, we can find it” – Snippets: Rapid search of media archives using subtitle keyword search and other techniques. Read more

05. “News organizations have so far been bad at contextualizing information. We publish articles on a 24-hour news cycle and expect readers to figure out how to connect the dots on their own”, Lauren Rabaino. Read more

06. “For the media in 2014, connecting the dots has to be more than a game. We have to connect the fragments of information that flood the zone daily”, Stacy D. Kramer. Read more

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